Anti vibration set 4gum+4screw


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Start capacitor


CSC 31-40 uF # (320VAC) CSC 40-50 uF # (320VAC) CSC 50-63 uF # (320VAC) CSC 63-80 uF # (320VAC) CSC 80-100 uF # (320VAC) CSC 100-120 uF # (320VAC) CSC 120-160 uF # (320VAC) CSC 160-200 uF # (320VAC) CSC 200-250 uF # (320VAC)

Ultra Thin Fan Coil FCU-2800/4200


Comfort ultra thin wall mounted vertical blow Fan Coil unit. At just 130mm thick and its design makes it ideal for almost any room. The built-in control electronics, the touch button display and the remote controler ensure easy installation and use. Cooling capacity: 2800W Heating capacity: 4200W Dimensions: 1100mm x 130mm x 581mm Net weight: 21.6 kg

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