Vacuum Pump VRP-6DV Value

New Design!

Built-in solenoid isolation valve and vacuum gauge.
The vacuum gauge is scaled to mBar.

Dual Stage vacuum pump.

Suitable for R32 and 1234yf.

Capacity: ~10,2 m³/h



Power: 230V / 50-60Hz
Displacement: 6 cfm (170 lit./min.)
End vacuum: 15 micron
Performance: 3/4 Hp
Thread connections: 1/4" SAE and 3/8" SAE
Oil filling: 600ml
Dimensions: 346X135X302mm
Weight: 11.5 kg + oil + package

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Vacuum Pump VRP-15D Value


Power: 230V / 50-60HzDisplacement: 15 cfm (420lit/min)End vacuum: 5 micronPerformance: 3/4 HpThread connections: 1/4" SAE and 3/8" SAE and 1/2" SAEOil filling: 880 mlDimensions: 414X152X310mmWeight: 15 kg + oil + package

Vacuum Pump V-i215S-M


Dual Stage vacuum pump. Small size and weight. Only 4 kg, easy to carry. Becomes quickly a friend of a chilling technician or an air conditioner installer. Capacity: 2.52 m³ / h

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